WP 7 - From Science to Policy - future challenges and dialogues

Lead by Peter Anderson - Newcastle University (NU), United Kingdom

The overall concept of ODHIN was to increase knowledge of how to optimize the delivery of identification and brief interventions (IBI) for hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption in Primary Health Care (PHC), through a better understanding of how to translate the results of clinical research in everyday practice in PHC settings.

An additional objective was to translate the research results in clinical practice - through national and EU-level decision-maker dialogues -, and to develop a strategy and materials on effective approaches to adopting IBI into daily practice and making them available to the general population, in order to:

  1. disseminate the findings amongst the scientific community
  2. form a critical mass of IBI implementation researchers (network)
  3. update and expand the clinical evidence-based database on effective and cost-effective IBI measures for use in PHC
  4. To translate science into easily understandable conclusions and recommendations for primary health care professionals, policy makers and the public


Work package 7 outputs


Material in other lenguages

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