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WP 4 - Surveys - stakeholders’ attitudes and experience of implementation

Lead by Marcin Wojnar - Medical University of Warsaw (MUW), Poland

Following the methodology and tools of the WHO Phase III strand I study, a semi-structured questionnaire was designed and a survey protocol developed, to be piloted in the project. The Questionnaire covered several areas: background information about the doctors, the alcohol consumption of the doctors, the attitudes of doctors working with drinking patients, their beliefs about their own activities in working with drinkers, extent of academic education and postgraduate training on alcohol received by general practitioners, their views and attitudes towards management of alcohol problems, their diagnostic performance and their reported management of alcohol problems during the past year, including number of patients managed in the previous year, working environment and its impact on intervening for alcohol problems, role security and therapeutic commitment.

The objectives of the work package were:

  1. To consolidate and update knowledge of potential barriers and facilitators for general practitioners to implementing Identification and Brief Intervention programmes;
  2. To increase the understanding of factors that affect whether clinicians will use the IBI intervention;
  3. To compare attitudes and experiences in delivering IBI in participating European countries with differing cultures, and organization and funding of Primary Health Care services;
  4. To learn how information about health care interventions are created, packaged, transmitted, and interpreted among a variety of important stakeholder groups.


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