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Past ODHIN events

ODHIN Policy Dialogue in the frame of the OECD Health Committee

9th December 2014. The OECD Health Committee meeting took place in the morning of 9th December 2014 in Paris.

As part of the December meeting of the Committee, a half-day symposium on alcohol policies took place, building on the conclusions of a major forthcoming report on alcohol policies. Dr. Gual (Coordinator of the ODHIN project) presented results from the ODHIN project concerning strategies to improve screening and brief advice for heavy drinking in primary health care settings. 

The official program is available here

ODHIN Policy Dialogue at the 6th European Alcohol Policy Conference

27 November 2014

An ODHIN policy dialogue was held in the conference of the past 27th November, with the participation of the ODHIN partners Toni Gual, Myrna Keurhorst, Emanuele Scafato and Colin Angus.

The conference took place in Brussels and was organised by EUROCARE.

For more information please check the programme

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3rd ODHIN WP5 meeting

18th March 2014, Barcelona, Spain.

The partners of WP5 joined together to discuss preliminary baseline results and other WP5 issues at the 3rd WP5 meeting in FCRB premises, Barcelona (Spain).

  • For further details, see the meeting agenda

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Final General ODHIN Partners meeting

17th September 2014, Warsaw, Poland.

The Final formal ODHIN partners general meeting took place the 17th September in Warsaw with the aim of sharing the results coming out of all work packages.

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3rd General Partner Meeting

1st - 2nd October 2013, Barcelona, Spain.

The 3rd ODHIN Plenary Meeting took place in CaixaForum, Barcelona (Spain), from 9h on the 1st to 12:30h on the 2nd of October 2013, with the aim of sharing progress and preliminary results coming out of all work packages.

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2nd ODHIN WP5 Meeting

7-8 May 2013, Barcelona, Spain

The WP5 Meeting took place in the premises of the Department of Health of Catalonia, Barcelona (Spain) from the 7-8 of May 2013.

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WP5 & WP6 Meeting

26 September 2012, Barcelona, Spain

This meeting, prior to the 9th INEBRIA Conference, included a WP6 workshop amongst ODHIN partners to discuss the assessment tool and its results. During the meeting a session devoted to WP5’s Randomised Cluster Trial (RCT) also took place, sharing and revising the present status of the RCT implementation in each of the participating countries, and discussing the data analysis plan.

2nd General Partners' Meeting

14-15 February 2012, Barcelona, Spain

The ODHIN Partners met in the CaixaForum, Barcelona, to update on progress made in work packages over the first year and operationalise the workplan of the year ahead and remaining years of the project.

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WP5 Meeting

15-16 June 2011, Barcelona, Spain

The ODHIN partners from WP5 - Stepped Cluster RCT - met in the buildings of the Generalitat de Catalunya to discuss technical details if the trial, issues arising in the study and the next steps for the researchers involved.

Download related documents below:

Kick-off Meeting

21-23 February 2011, Barcelona, Spain

The ODHIN project kick-off meeting was hosted by the Department of Health for Catalonia on their premises in Barcelona. The aim of the event was to plan the project work and prepare partners to start their respective tasks and coordinate and synergise the work and time schedule.

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